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Elegant and timeless tapware with added functionality.

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Our incredible tapware aims to uplift your kitchen space with ease and practicality.


Classy, exceptional bathroom designs through simplicity.

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Expand your design horizon with our luxury bathroom products.


Magnificent accessories to complement your space.

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Any bathroom space is only as aesthetic as it’s accessories.


Premium builder's range. PRISE by Modern National

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Our Colour Finishes

Colour Range

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Chrome (electroplated application)

With an immaculate reflective, the pure Chrome finish shines brighter than any other.

Matte Black


Matte Black (Electroplated Application)

Timeless & elegant in every way. Matte Black demands everlasting admiration through a luxurious essence.

Gun Metal


Gun Metal (Electroplated Application)

The refined Gun Metal finish showcases a grand, metallic ambiance, reverberating fortitude and capacity to excite.



Champagne (Physical Vapour Deposition)

Champagne expands the boundaries of fashion & taste by manifesting an extravagant experience of exhilirating a unique atmosphere.

Brushed Nickel


Brushed Nickel (Physical Vapour Deposition)

Noble inspiration is made up of Brushed Nickel’s incredible display of breathtaking and exquisite tone in a subtle style.

Brushed Bronze


Brushed Bronze (Physical Vapour Deposition)

Our trademark finish, Brushed Bronze offers a sophisticated and magnificent reputation of making a statement to elevate and amaze.

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