NOTE: As of the 1st June 2021, Modern National will no longer provide job site and/or residential address deliveries. Any orders processed from this date will only be delivered to client showrooms and/or warehouses.
If you decide to send your Modern National order to an alternative address, you must book this yourself and send the courier details to the Modern National administration staff. Alternatively, Modern National can book collections on behalf of clients using chosen couriers however Modern National will not cover any losses, damages or be held liable for misplaced products.





  1. Warranty Overview

While all licensed Modern National products are manufactured to the highest standard, Modern National offers varying extended warranty periods from the date of purchase or handover in accordance to the guarantees provided under Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Australian Consumer Law). Modern National provides additional peace of mind to ensure products are free from all defects in materials and workmanship subject to the warranty exclusions.

2. Warranty Exclusions

  • Normal and fair wear and tear, misuse, abuse, or mishap
  • Exposure to excessive moisture derived from lack of ventilation
  • Inability to provide proof of purchase.
  • Products used for incorrect applications.
  • Products not installed by a licensed tradesperson, failure to follow installation instructions or damage which arise from or during installation.
  • Products not installed to relevant National Standards, State Regulations or in accordance with the installation instructions.
  • Products exposed to extreme, unusual or outdoor environmental elements.
  • Tapware exposed to water pressures and or temperatures that exceed stated limitations.
  • Scratches or damage caused by applying physical and or abrasive contact directly to the product.
  • Isolation stop taps were not fitted where required.
  • Fitting of other devices to the outlet of tapware, e.g. Water filters or regulators that are not approved by the Seller.
  • Flow regulated check valves not installed where required or obstructions caused by inadequate flushing before use.
  • Services repairs or with non-standard replacement parts previously undertaken without the Seller’s approval.
  • Damage by adhesives, sealants, corrosives etc.; or failure to comply with care and cleaning instructions.
  • Failure to clean and or replace outlet aerator inserts within 18 (eighteen) months.
  • Repair or replacement of Jumper Valves, O-rings, washers, or Aerator Inserts.

3. Water Pressure Information

  • MAXIMUM Temperature: 75 degrees & Pressure: 1,000kPa.
  • MINIMUM Temperature: 3 degrees & Pressure: 150kPa (300kPa for Diverter mixers).

Note: AS/NSZ 3500.1-2003 (Clause 3.3.4) specifies 500kPa maximum water supply pressure at any outlet within a building for new installations.

Inability of use when installed in gravity-fed water systems, instantaneous hot water systems or when the pressure supply is less than 150kPa.

4. How To Make A Claim

In order to make a claim under warranty, consumers can do so by contacting:

service@modernnational.com.au or (02) 4647 8461 and our service department will respond within 72 hours.
Alternatively, you can fill out a claims form on our website.

To make a warranty claim, a consumer must:
• Lodge the claim as soon as they become aware of the issue.
• Provide relevant purchase information; including a receipt of purchase or PO number.
• If the product was installed in a new home, hand over or equivalent documentation must be provided.
• Provide details to support warranty claim including images and/or videos.

5. Warranty Claims And Services

When a warranty claim is put forward, our service department will be in contact within 48 hours. If the claim is suitable, one of the following actions will take place:

• Repair the relevant part of the product or,
• Replace the relevant product with a product of identical specifications (If a product is no longer in stock or discontinued, a product of close specification will be supplied as a replacement.

Each claim is treated individually, and an outcome will be decided upon all evidence of a claim put forward.

In cases where a product is to be replaced or serviced, Modern National works closely with T2 services to quickly resolve the claim and provide a positive outcome.

6. Cost Of Warranty Claim

Should a warranty claim be made and in the opinion of Modern National’s authorised service agents that the issue is found to be:

• Due to incorrect installation by a non-authorised plumber.

• Tapware or items have been installed using/or in conjunction with other manufacturer’s products.

Modern National reserves the right to charge a service fee for each service station attending the premises where the item is installed.

Any work undertaken prior to making a claim or without an inspection by an authorised service agent without Modern National’s written approval will not be covered in the warranty costs.

Note: Modern National reserves the right to alter or amend the warranty terms and conditions at any time of writing.